Grow & Manage
Create & send professional campaigns
Reports & Anyalytics
Inbox Delivery
Create campaigns quickly
  • Integrate sign-up forms on website & social media pages with email marketing.
  • Capture email id and other relevant details like name, city, to send personalized, targeted and relevant emails.
  • Add contacts to a default list or show all the available lists and ask the subscriber to subscribe to the list of his choice
  • Send an automated mailer to the subscriber to confirm his subscription thus ensuring double opt-in contacts
  • Integrate CRM with email marketing
  • No more importing contacts. Add contacts into email marketing directly by integrating with your customer relationship database (CRM)
  • Sync with CRM at regular intervals to update with new & unscubscribed contacts
  • Helps maintain a centralized database of contacts along with detailed profile to send targeted and releavnt email campaigns
  • Prevent unauthorized download of contacts
  • Ensure only authorized users can download contacts with one-time password on registered mobile nos.
  • Get instant alerts & updates
  • Automatic maintenance of contacts list
  • Get rid of invalid, hard & soft bounced contacts automatically
  • Fix typos in email ids while uploading contacts to reduce bounce rate